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UShow US165 USB to DVI/VGA/HDMI Video Adapter

MyGica US165 USB to DVI/VGA/HDMI Video Converter is an USB interface graphics adaptor with DVI/VGA/HDMI  output, reach the resolution as high as 1920X1080! The USB to DVI/VGA adapter allows you to connect an extra monitor to your PC or laptop via an USB port.
  • Now you can add another VGA adapter by an external USB device.
  • The extra monitor can be configured to either mirror or extension screen.
  • The USB to DVI/VGA adapter supports all analogue displays with a DVI connector. VGA display can also be
    connected using a suitable DVI to VGA converter.
  • You can connect up to 6 pieces The USB to DVI/VGA adapters to one PC at same time, and each one can be
    different contents.
system requirment
 • 2.2GHz CPU or above
  • 256MB RAM
  • One available USB 2.0 port
  • Microsoft windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows7, MAC operating system
Package contents
  • UShow  US195
USB connection cable
  • USB to VGA converter
  • Driver CD
  • Output
  • HDMI


  • View your large spreadsheets across two screens with display continuity.
  • Multitask more effectively without overlapping windows.
  • Open attachments on one screen while reading the e-mail on the other.
Graphics Studio/Editing workstation
  • Use second display for pallets/tools.
Type documents on one screen while viewing reference material on the other.
Stock Market
  • Use a notebook for viewing multiple screens.
  • View charts and live data at the same time.
  • View video/TV on one screen and 2nd video/TV window on the other.

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