iGrabber Live
USB Video Capture

Capture high quality video and audio from TV, DVD, camera and other similar devices thorough USB. Plug and Play, no need to install driver and external power. User can copy and edit the captured files on the PC, it can also work as home security camera if a camera is connected.

MyGica iGrabber Nano


One Touch Capture and Digitalize video with Mini USB
No Driver Required, Plug and Play

MyGica iGrabber Live resolves your trouble with piles of old VHS tapes. You can turn your beloved old movies into digital formats and easily refine the quality of videos like a professional. Through the USB interface, you can connect your DV, V8, VHS, and DVD player to capture and edit all your favorite shows easily to your PC and MAC

grab video from an S-Video or RCA Composite to pc and Mac

Share Capturing Video with Live Streaming,easy to edit and burn,
compatible with Win10 and Mac OS.

Analog to Digital Recorder

One button push to start/stop capture

USB Video Capture
HD 1080p game video capture

Feature List

  • ▪ Live streaming video on PC (by OBS SOFTWARE)
  • ▪ Support plug and play, no driver is needed
  • ▪ 720×480,30 frames per second NTSC video capture
  • ▪ 720×576,25 frames per second PAL/SECAM video capture
  • ▪ High contrast,high quality video-better than DV at the same size
  • ▪ Excellent audio/video synchronization
  • ▪ Uncompressed YUV format:66.5 GB per hour for video and audio
  • ▪ Compressed JPEG format:3 GB per hour for video and audio
  • ▪ Single frame capture
  • ▪ Audio support up to 48KHz 16-bit stereo for devices that have audio input
  • ▪ Auto-Detect Input and format, to auto matically adapt to the current video sourse
  • ▪ Compatible to various popular video editor and streaming software

iGrabber Live USB Capture