U900 Pro 4K HDMI Video Capture

U900 Pro is an HDMI capture card that supports 4K P30 input, with a maximum capture resolution of 3840*2160@30HZ, supports UVC/UAC protocol,
No need to install drivers, plug and play, compatible with third-party software that supports UVC protocol on the market, through U900 Pro can record favorite TV programs and live content to the computer, and broadcast live through the computer, which is widely used in live games, video conferencing, surveillance, medical education and other industries

U900 Pro HDMI in Capture
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Product application connection diagram

Strong performance, upgraded configuration

USB3.0 high-speed data transfer and charging

The capture card adopts USB3.0 interface, no external power supply, compatible with USB2.0, low latency, high speed

driver free USB 3.0 video capture device

Application scenario

Supported systems and software

Supported systems and software
4K game video capture

Feature List

  • ▪ Compatible with UVC driver.
  • ▪ Supports HDMI 4K@30HZ video input Capture resolution up to 4K@30HZ.
  • ▪ Auto detection of video resolution.
  • ▪ Portable, good thermal performance.
  • ▪ No external power supply, compact and portable.
  • ▪ Compatible with OBS potplayer and other 3rd party software.

U900 Pro 4K HDMI Video Capture