KloudNote is a professional e-notebook and e-book reader.
KloudNote combines thesimplicity and comfort of reading
and writing in real paper with the ease of access of
digital notes. KloudNote is how we learned to be
productive in school and is how ourminds enter a creative
space that is free from distraction. KloudNote can visit
the past notes and the e-book you have browsed at any
time and any space.
At all, KloudNote can satify business peoples, student,
teachers, editors, etc all theneeds and experiences of
note taking and reading.


Glare-Free Screen

The Screen is entirely glare-free in direct sunlight, just like paper. Not only is it easy-on-the-eyes and a pleasure to look at,
but it is also suited for long periods of usage, preventing eyestrain. Look forward to meetings or work sessions under bright
lights, near windows, and outdoors, with text displayed in high definition 1440×1080 pixels.

A smooth handwriting experience

Use Wacom electromagnetic stylus, support 4096 level pressure sense, no need to charge, pen smart and smooth, can reproduce the
handwriting track. The writing effect is almost the same as the paper

No more notebooks and no more sticky notes

Notes can record different content (handwritten text, pictures, audio recording, etc.), timely and fast record the content you need.
At the same time, it can also meet the design needs of most engineers, editors, composers and other practitioners.

Preset Backgrounds for all Occasions

Preset backgrounds allow for taking notes on… a narrow ruled template, college ruled template, Cornell note template, graph paper
template, sheet music template, and more!

Real-time cloud synchronization

When users write notes, they will upload them to cloud user’s space.
Users can check the past notes anytime and anywhere, even if KloudNote is not around.

An eye-friendly reading experience

Fluent reading experience, simple and easy to use, KloudNote can support most e-book formats on the market,

Easily make notes or tags on your e-books

When reading a book, users can also mark the sentences or paragraphs they like and add the corresponding reading notes, At the
same time the books are labeled and notes will be synchronized to the cloud, next time open the book annotations and notes

Share Your Display Wirelessly

For making KloudNote a second monitor, wirelessly mirror your desktop screen on KloudNote via specific apps.

Application scenarios

Business, Meeting, Drawing, Taking notes, Studying, Reading …